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Diesel Service & Repairs

Diesel engines and petrol engines have a distinct set of differences, including:

Type of fuel
Diesel engines are built to withstand higher compression of the fuel so they generally last longer than petrol engines.
Diesel engines are 25-30% more efficient than petrol because they convert heat into energy while most of the heat produced in a petrol engine goes out the exhaust pipe.
Diesel engines produce more torque which makes them good for towing.
Fuel filter
While it’s important to have clean fuel in your petrol engine, dirty fuel will only cause the car to run less efficiently. In a diesel engine, dirty fuel can severely damage the engine so it’s important to get the filter checked regularly.
Spark plugs and distributors
These are an important part of your petrol engines but guess what, diesel engines don’t have them so they don’t need servicing. Diesel engines achieve combustion by compression alone, without the need for a spark.
Diesel powered vehicles can be thought of as the workhorse while petrol powered engines are more like a racehorse, however, diesel engines are actually able to achieve better acceleration, it’s just that the other properties lead to them usually being fitted to heavier vehicles which make acceleration slower.


Diesel Performance Upgrades

Want up to 35% more Torque & Power for Diesel Engines.

Power Modules

diesel service
  • Increases vehicle power and torque by up to 35%

Performance Exhausts

  • Available in high grade polished stainless steel and aluminised steel.
  • Designed in Australia and thoroughly tested to comply with the highest quality requirements.
  • Compatible with most aftermarket products available through major 4×4 outlets.
  • 100% mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow.

Pedal Torque

  • Increased, precise throttle response equates to more power… faster.
  • Eliminates throttle response delays.
  • Maintains power throughout the entire gear change cycle.
  • Smoother overtaking in all gears.
  • Plug-n-play module… simple and quick to install.
  • Three driving modes with six levels of customisation, that’s 18 settings in all!

Diesel Filter Re-Charge Kit


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