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Auto Electrical Services

auto electrical services

Auto electrical issues affect the battery, alternator, headlights and more. These issues can cause a dulling of the lights and dashboard panel, a slow startup of the vehicle or can make it impossible to start the car at all. For log book maintenance and emergency service on your auto electrical system call the team at Kropps Mechanical Car Care

Auto Electrical Services from Kropps Mechanical Car Care include:

  • Starter Replacement
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Battery Charge
  • Battery Replacement
  • Replacement Timing Valves
  • Replacement Spark Plugs

Causes of Auto Electrical System Failure

When you have an auto electrical issue it is often easy to diagnose.

When the engine will not turn on, there are no lights on the dashboard or the headlamps are low, chances are, you need to have this system repaired.

Though it is simple to diagnose there can be many causes for failure such as:

  • Build-up of sulphur on the battery connection causing the battery to go dead.
  • No charge left in the battery.
  • The alternator is broken and there is no charge received from the battery to the engine.
  • The belts around the alternator are broken and no charge is being sent from the battery to the engine.
  • When the starter fails the fuel system will not be ignited.
  • There can be an issue with the car’s computer causing an inability to start or causing the check engine light to be on.
  • There can be a leak in the hoses or the battery causing it to go dead.
  • Full check of cooling system for stray electrical current which can eat your cooling system away just like rust eating your car away.
  • If your vehicle will not turn on, make an appointment with the mechanics at Kropps Mechanical Car Care to have all these issues and more fixed today!

All the staff are warm, friendly and willing to take the time to explain things in a way we can understand. The service is of a very high standard, and you’re not treated like just another number.

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