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Brake Pad Inspections

brake pad inspections

Standard with every vehicle service we inspect the brake system. Depending on the car type and driving conditions, brake pads could need to be replaced from 20,000 kilometres.

  • This includes a brake fluid test.
  • Also a Safe-T-Stop service centre brake test which includes

    • Brake performance check for each wheel
    • Front verses rear braking performance
    • Handbrake efficiency test
    • Overall brake efficiency test and full report

These tests are standard with every vehicle test and are approved by the Department of Transport Test centre.


What do Our Services include?

  • Brake Pad Inspection or Replacement
  • Disc Machining or Replacement
  • Drum Machining or Replacement
  • Brake Cable Replacements
  • Brake System Inspection
  • Replacing Hydraulic Fluid
  • Safe-T-Stop full brake efficiency test and report.



How Brakes Wear Out

Most modern cars consist of disc brakes on all four wheels. As you push the brake pedal, pressure is transferred through the hydraulic fluid to a set of heat resistant pads that are then forced to grip the rotating disc brake rotor, thus creating friction which then slows and eventually stops the car.

Over time, the pads wear out and reduce the car’s ability to reduce speed. The Disc Rotor can also wear. The importance of changing brake pads the minute you notice these signs cannot be understated. Worn pads are not only dangerous, but can also cause expensive consequential damage to other brake system components.

While the brakes are stopping the vehicle, a tremendous amount of heat is transferred from the brake pads to the brake disc rotors, this can result in the brake rotors warping just like a push bike wheel gets buckled. This warping can result in a vibration when the brake pedal is applied.

At Kropps Mechanical Car Care we can machine your vehicles disc rotors and or brake drum on site on our Vane Brake Lathe.



A Safe-T-Stop check will give you an accurate & detailed report that will enable us to make the adjustments necessary to ensure that you:

  • Know your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency.
  • Get the best performance from your tyres and save money by not replacing them as often.
  • Maximise your fuel consumption by minimising tyre drag.
  • Know that your shock absorbers are working correctly for optimum suspension performance.
  • Avoid future hassles and inconvenience of brake, suspension or tyre trouble.

All the staff are warm, friendly and willing to take the time to explain things in a way we can understand. The service is of a very high standard, and you’re not treated like just another number.

Tammy Fitzgerald & Leum

"A fantastic experience with such a high quality of service. No.1 Mechanic in Ipswich for such an affordable price."

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