Full tyre fitting service available

With 7 different tyre warehouses, giving us 18 different brands to choose from, we can cover all your tyre needs. From a grader tyre to a forklift, 4×4 to your pride and joy and even the ride-on mower.

Tyre Repairs

When a tyre is punctured from a foreign object such as a nail, it can usually be repaired, although repairing a tyre is not quite as simple as you may think. A car tyre must always be checked thoroughly before it is repaired.

A trained tyre technician will examine the tread depth, damage, ageing and the condition of previous repairs. A well conducted repair will enable the tyre to last for the rest of the tread life.

Our Services include?

  • Puncture Repair
  • Tyre Replacement
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Basic Tyre Rotation & Pressure checks


Glossary of Tyre Terms

Understanding key tyre terms will help you maintain your tyres and keep them on the road for longer. Here is a short glossary of some important tyre terms:

The ridged part of the tyre that helps to dispel water and also to provide grip as it comes into contact with the road.
Tyre Pressure:
Measures the amount of air inside the tyre. The correct pressure for tyres can usually be found in the vehicle handbook or on a compliance plate on the inside of the drivers side door frame.
Wheel Alignment:
A process that ensures that the steering, suspension and wheels are correctly aligned in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.
Aspect Ratio:
An expression of a tyre’s height as a percentage of its section width. This figure is always located on the sidewall of the tyre.

All the staff are warm, friendly and willing to take the time to explain things in a way we can understand. The service is of a very high standard, and you’re not treated like just another number.

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