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Carbon Clean Service

What Is a Carbon Clean Service?

Carbon clean services help to flush out the build-up of carbon from the engine. This service cleans out everything from the catalytic converter to the engine block.

The service can be performed by mixing the fuel with an additive which will work it’s way through the engine and clean the parts or, the engine is taken apart and the individual parts are run through an ultrasonic bath.

When the parts have been cleaned, dried and are examined for any cracks or wear and tear, then you are ready to fill up and get back on the road at peak performance.

Specific issues which too much carbon can create include:

  • Build-up in the fuel injectors resulting in an improper atomisation of fuel and loss of fuel efficiency.
  • Failure to pass emissions because of a build-up of unburned fuel and other residue in the catalytic converter.
  • Vehicle will not start because of a build-up of carbon on the spark plugs.
  • There can be a shaking in the engine because of a misfire and not all the combustion cylinders igniting.

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